Each one of us in this quantum universe is a part of the infinite whole. We come to this moment a perfect being. We are healed and healing. When we heal the self, we heal the whole. It is a holistic dependence on the other.

Combining quantum healing modalities, ancient wisdoms, new technologies, and personal responsibility, we’re invited to unlock the truth of  a lifestyle for vitality and the natural technologies available to us. We are the key.

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~The Tao In Life ~
The Tao of Pooh ~ Full Audiobook
The Secret World of the Japanese Swordsmith. (Full Documentary)
The Spiritual Process in the Making of a Legend - The Samurai Katana Sword. Full Documentary.
Michael Tellinger 2017 Sound Resonance Magnetics & Reality
Siddhartha... By Hermann Hesse (Audio-book)
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Audio-book)

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  • Glad to be here, I am literally vibrating with excitement.
    • We are excited to have you here :)
  • Agreed. We are the key.
  • Alot of people are talking frequency and vibration. I think that should be a ring of it's own!
    • Indeed🌸
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