Every conscious breath we take is an opportunity to honor the moment. Will you fill this breath with love or fear? When life is honored as the ceremony that is, we find each decision becomes a prayer. Offering gratitude for the life we have chosen, opens a doorway of possibilities. What can be created within those possibilities is a responsibility of the soul. How do we find clarity within that responsibility?

Through powerful traditional practices that take us through the veil, the sacred in our own being, becomes. Light continues to build on itself. The way becomes clear.

Ritual, practice, meditation, prayer, plant medicines, song; all carry the key to harness the energy of the quantum field around us. This is where the peace of knowing, directs the soul to create in the infinite realm of potential. It begins with honoring what you find sacred in your days and on this earth. You are the prayer.

Ceremony Ring

Ceremony Ring

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Are Your Essential Oils & Incense Sustainable?

"This surge in popularity has increased the demand for numerous resins and plant products which has resulted in many problems including over-harvesting, illegal trade, poaching of protected species, and the downward trend in many populations of these species – some of which have become endangered."

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The Ceremony of Living

The ceremony of living Ritual is the ceremony of life. Through daily ritual, tradition and expression we can create a living prayer in our moments. Wisdom traditions and Indigenous people speak to the sacred in this way. Many practices involve plant medicines and earth ceremonies. In what ways do you incorporate ceremony in your life?

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